Depression - Ways To Overcome It

"Depression is a very small box you live in without hope or possibilities"

The United States Center for Disease Controls estimates that 80% of all illnesses are due to environmental or lifestyle causes.

When it comes to depression you have a much better chance to overcome it if you understand the causes. The common treatment for depression is pills, but you can overcome depression without pills.

It is also estimated that one in four Americans suffers from some level of heavy metal poisoning. This causes people to be tired, fatigued, sick and even depressed. You add pills to a already over burdened system and you have a lot of sick, depressed people. After your body has to battle these toxins there is not much energy left for you to function properly.


Other Illnesses Toxins Can Cause


Depression, losing hope, giving up, these are things you feel when you don't have the energy or the will to fight anymore.

Drugs/Pills can help, but the question you have to ask yourself is, is this the long-term treatment you want?

Toxins put a heavy load on your systems, here are other illnesses toxins can cause:
Certainly a person who experiences some of the above ailments constantly can expect to be depressed now and then.


Emotional Depression


Dealing with emotions can be very difficult to say the least. We feel a certain way, but we don't know why, it just happens. You can't think straight, you can't sleep, and the worse thing is you can't shut your thoughts off.

We label this as "The Battle From Within". Of course external things can trigger emotions, but the real battle takes place inside of You, inside your mind.

Depression can come from two sources - a chemical imbalance or an emotional state of mind. The thing is one can trigger the other. For example: You are going through a divorce, this can be very stressful. It can also be depressing, depressing to the point that it starts to affect your health. Many times we are faced with situations that involve extreme emotions, it is easy to become emotionally depressed in these cases.

Some Things You Can Try Yourself


There are a few things you can do yourself, but it is always advisable to consult your Doctor especially if you are on medications.
  • Blood Tests - kidney, liver and all vital organs
  • Detox - colon cleanses and liver detoxing.
  • Education - diet and nutrition
  • Test Foods  - sugars, caffeine, processed foods and other things that are hard on your body to process
Emotional Tests

All of us are exposed to many outside sources such as work environment, radio, Internet, television, newspapers, freeway traffic, and you may add your own things to the list. What you want to look for are triggers, what are the things that trigger a depressive response.

If you keep track of these things, over time you will start to get a clear picture of what causes you to become depressed. We are all capable of falling into routines that cause depression, and are unaware that it is happening. Once you discover your trigger you may be able to solve it yourself, but other times you can't, this is where you will need outside help.


Products That Can Help


As mentioned, many times our system gets bogged down with toxins and chemical which can cause us many health problems including depression. With new technologies you can detox right from your home, in the comfort of your home with a portable Infrared Sauna.

This is probably the easiest of the above steps to implement and there have been many testimonials from people who have similar illnesses. If toxins are the major cause of your depression then this process alone can have you smiling in the weeks to come.

This is one product you need to check out. There are ways to overcome depression, many people have done it and you can too!

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rb77 said...

Your right, the world is about money, but how much is it costing beyond money to take those drugs compared to doing it naturally. There are good products out there that help and won't do 20 times the damage that drugs will do. If you can't afford the products use the concept behind them to help yourself get better.

Anonymous said...

They seem to be saying depression is caused by heavy metals and are leaving out that it can be heredity, caused by environmental (living) situations, changes in life, and the effects it has on the brain (which medication is used for). So I'm skeptical that a detoxifier is going to solve the problem, especially after research shows that medicine and therapy are the best help for major depression. I hope anyone reading this page has also read from more informative sources.

rb77 said...

The medical system is failing, the drugs used are not only killing people physically, but inducing suicidal emotions. There are many angles to pursue, this is just one of the. The drug companies have very effective advertising, they don't spend billions on ads for nothing. This is not to say that people in a sever chemical imbalance can't benefit from these drugs, short term, but I don't believe in the majority of cases this has to be for life.