Overcoming Depression

If you are suffering from depression and the associated physical illnesses, pay close attention.

Did you know you can become use to depression and begin to think that it's normal after a while? 

Identifying Depression

Depression is an ugly and destructive disease. Depression renders you helpless and you basically lost the ability to function on a daily basis. Can you say its destructive? Yes you can.

There are reasons for depression, and they generally fall under two categories: emotional and chemical.

Identifying depression can be tricky. A person can look happy but be depressed inside. This is dangerous because there is no warning signs; especially if the person is drowning day-by-day in emotional depression.

What signs can we look for?
  • Isolation
  • Moody
  • Sad
  • Loss of appetite
  • Lack of interest 
  • Increase use of medications
  • Lack of energy
  • Anger
  • Abnormal headaches
Feeling lonely and sad all the time is probably the most common sign of depression. For the person suffering from depression there seems to be a weight, a dark cloud always hanging over them that never goes away.

Adrenal Stress - One Cause of Depression

There are many causes for depression but one condition that goes undiagnosed is "adrenal stress."

Your adrenal glands produce chemicals that help you during times of stress. They also produce chemicals that balance potassium and electrolyte levels in your body. If these levels mentioned get to far out of balance you can die.

Many people go for years and years not knowing they even have adrenal problems. And these problems have varying degrees, so you may not experience the full impact of total adrenal failure. But you can become depressed and not know why; the cause could very well be "adrenal stress."

Here are some of the signs associated with adrenal stress:
  • Weak voice
  • Tired 
  • Numbness (toes and finger tips)
  • Loss of appetite
  • Nauesa
  • Very slow recovery after exercise
Lets discuss a couple of things here. In regards to exercise, most normal people feel invigorated after working out - people with adrenal problems feel just the opposite, they feel worse. In regards to feeling tired or weak. Normal people can catch-up on their sleep and feel refreshed and energetic, people with adrenal problems can sleep all weekend and be exhausted after a few hours work.

With adrenal problems you feel like a rechargeable battery that can never recharge - this gets frustrating and can quickly turn into depression. The chemical imbalance that occurs because of adrenal stress doesn't allow that person the ability to function properly - you always feel tired. 

Once you identify this as a problem, you can treat it with supplements and a change in lifestyle.

Overcoming Depression - How?

One way to overcome depression is to see how others have done it. You may not get all the answers you need but you will be able to use parts of it for yourself.

In this book we explain ways to treat depression without drugs. There are 3 different battles, and to win battles you must understand the enemy.

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