On Demand Health Source

There are many different problems that require individual solutions and in some cases it can be appropriate to do this On Demand. The Internet has made this more convenient and possible.

Consider some of the benefits below:

Convenience: Phone Counseling, you can access counseling when you need it and you’re not required to set your schedule for a week, a month, or longer. With Phone Counseling, you don’t need to engage in a chat session, and you are not inhibited by your (or your counselors) computer, typing, spelling, or grammar skills.

Easy access: With On Demand Phone Counseling, you are not limited to the counselors within a convenient driving distance. This is especially beneficial in more remote areas.

Anonymity: Phone Counseling, you won't be seen, or potentially seen by others while going to or from sessions.

Freedom to speak openly:On Demand not seen by the counselor. In traditional counseling, communicating with someone in a face-to-face office setting may inhibit your ability to speak openly. You can speak with a counselor from any location that is comfortable for you.

Travel time and expense savings: With On Demand Phone Counseling, there is no travel time or travel expense. In traditional counseling, many people travel quite a distance to see a counselor because there isn’t a suitable counselor in their area.

Home bound access: With On Demand Phone Counseling, you can access counselors from your home; your physical situation will not limit your ability to obtain the help you need. With On Demand Phone Counseling, you need not be limited by your access to a computer or the Internet.

You can stop the session when you want: With On Demand Phone Counseling, if you are unhappy with the counselor or need to stop the session for any reason, you have the ability to stop the session immediately.

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