Diet Plan and Mind Hunger

Diet, weight loss, overweight, you need a Plan.

When you think of diet the plan is to lose weight, change eating habits, exercise or starve. We tend to leave the most important element of all out of our diet plan, our mind.

This processor tells our body when it needs glucose or carbohydrates, the mind has a pre-programmed diet plan that came with the package.

Of course we do things differently in this country fat burners, diet pills, lipo suction, stomach rings that's where the money is. Emotions can cause you to be angry, sad, bored, lonely, tired or grieving. At this point a diet plan has nothing to do with hunger or fullness you eat from mind hunger.

Mind hunger is endless, bottomless, it's an emotional hunger where you suddenly just have to eat even though you just ate breakfast 10 minutes ago.

You're at a restaurant, you see a plate of mashed potatoes go by and want some now! even though you're in the middle of a very good meal.

Whatever diet plan your on will be derailed when your mind hunger and emotions take over. We all have cravings at times, but when your mind is constantly craving food a diet plan becomes a battle.

Here are some ideas to keep you mind occupied:

  • Volunteer - keep you mind off you and on something else.
  • Exercise - not only good for your body, but puts your mind in a productive positive state.
  • Keep a food diary - not only track used to your diet plan, but write positive comments to encourage your progress.
  • Diet partner - someone to call when you feel weak, depressed.
  • Read - fill your mind with nutritional knowledge. The more you understand health the better chance you have to control your urges.

The diet plan you choose has to include your mind especially if your mind is the one in control. To figure out how you got to this point requires some effort, don't count on pills for a magic cure.

In some cases we can confuse the sluggishness of dehydration with actual hunger. The body is calling for fluids, not food.

The mind and body are constantly communicating just like the sensors in your car. Telling you the motor is hot or your oil is low. The body does the same thing your body is telling your mind it's low on starch or to much acid and you mind adjusts accordingly.

These are elements we must be aware of for any diet plan to work. Since your body and mind come together in the kit, your diet plan has to include both.

Health - Diet Plan Reviews

Here are some diet plans from the past:

  • Atkins Diet Plan - Probably the most well known low-carb / high-protein diet. It first appeared back in the early 70’s. The Atkins Diet
  • Rice Diet Plan - For over 60 years, the Rice Diet has been helping people with diabetes, obesity, heart disease and hypertension
  • Grapefruit Diet Plan - Appears in different forms around the world, although it usually includes grapefruit with most meals
  • Low Fat Diet Plan - Low in fat and rich in complex carbohydrates. You will eat more complex carbohydrates, fiber, fruit, veggies, and salad
  • Protein Diet Plan - Based on more than 15 years of research, the Drs. Eades have used their common sense approach to Low-Carb/High Protein
  • Fat Flush Plan Diet -A diet that stimulates lymph flow to flush out toxins and cellulite fast! This diet will reduce tummy fat and fatty deposits
  • Suzanne Somers Diet Plan - More than 3 million people have discovered how to Somersize… the amazing way to eat delicious foods in abundant portions
  • Jenny Craig Diet Plan - Jenny's delicious cuisine offers satisfying, nutritious and convenient meals and snacks that take the guesswork out of caloric intake.

That's just the tip of the iceberg for diet plans. If you diet plan is for weight loss, health reasons or just personal satisfaction always remember to include nutrition. Your body still needs nutrients and a good diet plan should account for that.

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